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An account on cartattack provides a valuable conduit for reaching your customers. By listing your business in this hub, you gain access to many features which can bolster your sales and keep your customers in the know.

Instant update

If you see your business on cartattack with Twitter included, you can log in right away, no delay!

Write a blurb

Describe your specialty if your name doesn't make it obvious.

Location aware

Change your coordinates with a click, swipe, or tweet.

Sticky tweets

Instantly pin a message to your cart's page using the #cartattack hashtag in a tweet.

Update menu

Provide your menu items with wonderful descriptions and prices.

Link power

Increase your web traffic by plugging in your website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Updating Messages and Locations via Twitter

Instantly display a message to your fans on cartattack via Twitter. Tell them about a special promotion, new hours, or anything to brighten their day! Make a tweet stick to your cart's pages by including the #cartattack hashtag.

Open extra late for the Timbers game! Half-priced iced tea for everyone who says #cartattack!

BONUS If you also include your GPS location and the #moved hashtag, your cart's location will be updated with the coordinates of your tweet!

We #moved to Alberta for @lastthursday, come say hi! #cartattack

You can then navigate to your cart's page and instantly see the changes applied!